Merit Awards

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
Stacia Tauscher

The objective of Merit Awards program is to create a competitive spirit among children and honor/decorate meritorious children studying in different schools located in a selected region. This program treats all children equally irrespective of their school, financial strengths, cast or religion. This program sends a message to all students that every child is capable of achieving highest rank regardless of their school, gender, class, race, religion or disability.

Donors can setup an award on their name or their loved ones under this program. They can setup an annual merit award by donating US$200 per year or setup a permanent award by donating US$1500.

Initially A geographic region (example: one Mandal or group of few villages) will be selected for giving merit awards. Project committee members in that region will be publishing a pamphlet describing the details of the merit awards. These pamphlets will be distributed in all schools (including private and government schools) located in the selected region. Award will be given to a winning students annually based on the pre-announced criteria. The example of criteria is, the highest marks received by the students in 10th standard. In this case the award can be given to the student who scores highest marks in 10th class out of all schools available in that selected (pre-announced) region/school. The award criteria may be different for each award. Award is given in the name of sponsoring donor.

Award is announced in the beginning of the academic year in which award is setup. All students studying in the participating school are automatically enrolled in this competition The same award is repeated every year until unless the change is announced in all participating schools.

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Project Type:

ID Project Name Project Type Start Date Status
P0626 Bammera Pothana Award For Excellence - Velair Merit Award 15-Aug-2017 Active
P0628 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Vijayawada Merit Award 15-Aug-2017 Active
P0562 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Macherla Merit Award 14-Nov-2016 Active
P0547 Bighelp Award For Excellence - B. Cherlopalli Merit Award 14-Nov-2016 Active
P0545 Khursheed Waheed Award For Excellence - Kovvur Merit Award 11-Nov-2016 Active
P0546 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Uddandapuram Merit Award 09-Nov-2016 Active
P0541 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Gangaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2016 Active
P0532 Vinhelp Award For Excellence - Panthini Merit Award 05-Sep-2016 Active
P0529 Anuradha Kancharla Award For Excellence - Namavaram Merit Award 15-Aug-2016 Active
P0523 Aitharaj Award For Excellence -Dharmasagar Girls Merit Award 15-Aug-2016 Active
P0524 Aitharaj Award For Excellence - Dharmasagar Boys Merit Award 15-Aug-2016 Active
P0525 Samudrala Award For Excellence - Ippagudem Merit Award 15-Aug-2016 Active
P0530 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Vallampatla Merit Award 15-Aug-2016 Active
P0563 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Kodugal Merit Award 05-Sep-2015 Active
P0455 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Tekumatla Merit Award 05-Sep-2015 Active
P0442 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Maddikera Merit Award 05-Sep-2015 Active
P0436 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Pothaipally Merit Award 15-Aug-2015 Active
P0376 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Dharmapuri Merit Award 05-Sep-2014 Active
P0352 Saride Award For Excellence - Vadapalli Merit Award 15-Aug-2014 Active
P0353 Saride Award For Excellence - Lolla Merit Award 15-Aug-2014 Active
P0266 Bighelp Award For Excellence- Marur Merit Award 05-Sep-2013 Active
P0263 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Jalluru Merit Award 05-Sep-2013 Active
P0354 Kancherla Award For Excellence - Gavaravaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2013 Active
P0262 Ramaneni Foundation Award For Excellence - Kodugal Merit Award 05-Sep-2013 Completed
P0222 Pullela Award For Excellence - Manakondur Merit Award 05-Sep-2012 Completed
P0224 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Ramalingapuram Merit Award 05-Sep-2012 Active
P0219 Valapadasu Baburao Award For Excellence - Dornakal Merit Award 05-Sep-2012 Active
P0223 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Chandragiri Merit Award 05-Sep-2012 Active
P0182 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Nidimamidi Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Active
P0183 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Vadapalli Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Completed
P0185 Rajan Foundation Award For Excellence - Gomaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Completed
P0188 Bighelp Award For Excellence -Yellareddy Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Active
P0180 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Annavaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Completed
P0187 Rajan Foundation Award For Excellence - Kodumuru Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Completed
P0181 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Tarlupadu Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Active
P0186 Rajan Foundation Award For Excellence - Juloor Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Completed
P0184 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Undrajavaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2011 Active
P0151 Lakshmi Kanth Pabbisetti Award For Excellence - Annavaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2010 Active
P0150 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Kodumuru Merit Award 05-Sep-2010 Active
P0104 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Gomaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Completed
P0112 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Singarayapalem Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0114 Veeramsetty Award For Excellence - Vadluru Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Completed
P0107 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Juloor Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0116 Bighelp and Karnam Award For Excellence - Godicherla Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0111 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Naupada Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0105 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Chinnapuram Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0110 Bighelp Award For Excellence - Manakondur Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Active
P0113 Veeramsetty Award For Excellence - Vadapalli Merit Award 05-Sep-2009 Completed
P0084 Vangavolu Rama Krishnaiah Merit Award For Excellence Merit Award 30-Dec-2008 Active
P0115 Devabhaktuni Award For Excellence - Yellareddy Merit Award 05-Sep-2008 Completed
P0108 Pullela Award For Excellence - Dornakal Merit Award 05-Sep-2008 Completed
P0109 Pullela Award For Excellence - Macherla Merit Award 05-Sep-2008 Completed
P0106 Kancherla Award For Excellence - Chodavaram Merit Award 05-Sep-2005 Active
P0020 Pothuganti Award For Excellence - Hill Colony Merit Award 06-Jan-2003 Active
P0008 Maturi Award For Excellence - Pylon Colony Merit Award 15-Aug-2002 Active
P0009 Nannidar Award For Excellence - Vijayapuri South Merit Award 15-Aug-2002 Active