What We Do

Bighelp For Education offers following services for those who come forward to help the underprivileged children in India and ensure each penny of their fund is effectively utilized for the intended cause. All the credit is given to the donor in all our programs.

Sponsor A Child

The objective of this program is to fund and sponsor the education of children in India who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to very impoverished circumstances. The goal of this program is to prevent the dropouts by orphans or financially backward children. Through this program, a donor can sponsor the education of an underprivileged child for the period of one year. Donor will be provided with the details of their sponsoring children through our website. Donor can communicate with their sponsoring children through mails or personally meet them by visiting the project site on project monthly meeting day. Donor should meet their sponsoring children only at project committee meeting site in the presence of committee members.


Adopt A School

The objective of this program is to strengthen Government schools that are providing formal education in rural areas in India. The goal of this program is to make Government schools an interesting place to learn, increase the student enrolment & retention rate, incorporate good teaching and learning techniques in government schools and ensure that the education that the children receive is effective. Usually most of the students studying in Government schools come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Donors can visit these schools for monitoring the progress of their project. Bighelp project committee will be introducing the donor to the school staff when they make first visit.


Merit Awards

The objective of Merit Awards program is to create a competitive spirit among students studying in different schools located in certain selected region. The Donor can establish the funds on their name or their loved ones (Mother, father or anyone), distribute the interest of the funds for giving the scholarships or awards or sponsoring the education of the children. The principle amount will be deposited into Bighelp account, bank interest will be paid as award every year for the award winner. Award is defined based on certain criteria and interests of the donor. Usually the criterion is the marks received by the students in 10th standard or 7th standard. The award criteria can be different for each award. The award criteria is pre-defined and announced in all schools in a selected region.

Example: The award can be given to the student who scores highest marks in 10th or 7th public exams in a selected (pre-announced) region/school.

Those donors who are not yet ready to establish their own fund or not yet ready to adopt a children for minimum one year or contribute for strengthening a government school will be making one time contributions which will be utilized for implementing any of the above programs at Bighelp's management discretion.

Note: It is strictly prohibited by Bighelp to utilize the children for getting their personal work done by any donors. It means, in any circumstances children will not work for you (donor) since they are receiving the funds from you. At the same time donor is not liable for taking any responsibilities of the children since they adopted their education. Also, the children will not have any kind of rights on donor who adopted their education.