How We Work

None of us is as strong as all of us - our advancement depends on our unity.
S.Chand Pasha (President, Bighelp For Education)

Bighelp closely work with volunteers in both USA and India to raise funds and execute projects. It has a group of people working in both the countries. It has a President in USA who makes final decision for approving projects in India. It has a group of leads in India and USA who help mobilize the funds and implement the projects. All the positions, including the President, are voluntary non-paid positions and help to keep the administrative costs low.

Each project in India has a project committee with 4 designated volunteers working closely with the children and public schools. Project committee consists of Project Committee Chairman (PCC), Project Director (PD), Auditor and Advisory Member. Project committee is responsible for executing all projects in all villages within 10 kilometers radius from their village. Project committee reports to Executive Director (ED) and Assistant Executive Director (AED) at head office in India. ED will report to President in USA.

Project Director (PD) with the help of members of project committee, under the supervision of Project Committee Chairman(PCC), is responsible for identifying the needs of the children and schools, disbursing the funds, assess the progress of the children, ensure the quality of education, ensure each eligible child to attend the school and provide the reports to ED.

Projects are monitored by an independent auditor (IA) who is a volunteer too. IA ensures the funds are properly utilized at the project site. IA visits the project site at least once in quarter and talks to children, school teachers and head master to assess the affectivity of the program. IA provides feedback to ED & AED on accounting, fund utilization, quality and affectivity of the project. Children are provided with pre-addressed post cards to report all issues directly to head office.

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