Special Needs

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Mahatma Gandhi

The objective of Special Needs program is to provide support to schools catering the education to children with special needs (physically of mentally challenged). These schools provide full time schooling for children with special needs and some of these schools provide free boarding and lodging to these children. The children attending these schools pay no fees and come from low socio-economic backgrounds. The goal of this program is to incorporate good teaching and therapy techniques in Special Needs schools and ensure that the children gets the care and attention that they need.

Under this program donor can sponsor a special needs school in India to provide basic facilities like teaching/learning equipment, therapy equipment, school building infrastructure, additional teachers, clean cloths, food, medical supply, durable medical equipment or transportation facilities to children. It takes minimum of US$1500 to sponsor a Special Needs school. This amount may be higher depending on the current status of the school and its requirements. A donor can sponsor entire project by donating US$1500. Donor may donate any amount as they like; in that case their donations will be pooled with other donations to fund a project. Bighelp surveys schools and fulfill their requirements in the order of their priority. Projects are implemented in the name of donor and all the details are published in our website.

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Project Type:

ID Project Name Project Type Start Date Status
P1304 Vikas school for the Mentally Retarded - Vizianagaram Special Education 04-Feb-2023 Active
P1100 Financial support to Vasantha Miriyala, Physically challenged student - Nadupuru Special Education 21-Feb-2022 Active
P1115 Provided Electrification to Prabhata Sindhuri Educational society Special Education 08-Jan-2022 Active
P1116 Donated Digital TV, Water Purifier and Storage Rack to Fatima Matha Integrated School Special Education 08-Jan-2022 Completed
P1028 Devnar Foundation for blind Special Education 06-Mar-2021 Active
P1094 Support for Midday Lunch project to Prabhata Sindhuri Special Education 24-Feb-2020 Completed
P0861 Donated hearing aid to Lokeswara Rao Naupada Special Education 01-Apr-2019 Completed
P0651 Donated a van to Prabhata Sindhuri Educational society Special Education 18-Nov-2017 Active
P0672 Donated hearing aid to IIIT Student Special Education 10-Nov-2017 Completed
P0575 Financial Support to International Badminton Player Special Education 05-Nov-2016 Completed
P0548 Donated Educational and Sports material to Annamma Special School Special Education 13-Oct-2016 Completed
P0441 Donated Candles making Machine to Annamma Special School Special Education 05-Jul-2015 Completed
P0228 Manochaitanya Vocational training centre for Mentally Challenged Special Education 11-Jul-2012 Completed
P0079 Anuraag Special School for Medically Challenged Special Education 29-Oct-2007 Completed
P0264 Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika - Hyderabad Special Education 11-Nov-2006 Completed