Youth Internship

Bighelp Youth Internship Program

Bighelp invites children between 6th grade and 12th grade to participate in the 'Bighelp Youth Internship Program' in India during their summer vacation in India. This program provides a platform for non-resident Indian (NRI) children globally to learn and understand the culture of their peers in India by spending time together in a classroom environment.

Highlights of the program:
- Earn volunteer hours through internship opportunity abroad
- Internship at your preferred location or choice of government public school in India*
- Great opportunity for parents to give back to their school/community through their children
- Be a part of a reputed non-profit organization dedicated for education
- Freedom in creating and executing your dream project, from start to finish
- Demonstrate leadership skills by being a role model
- Cultural exchange through peer groups abroad
- Expert advice and guidance from experienced members of the organization
- NRI children living anywhere in the world can participate

In this program, children will be visiting a government public school in a village of their choice in India*, organizing a workshop, sharing their experience and learning from the local children. The objective of this program is to help non-resident Indian children learn the public education system in India, while making them partners in spreading the educational awareness in India. The objective also includes providing volunteer opportunity for children to earn community service hours for their school/college admissions.

Bighelp teams in the USA and India, the parents of the participating child and the participating school will be working collaboratively to implement this program. In this program, children visit public schools in India where their parents or grandparents studied and organize a 2 day workshop in their respective school. Parents will be identifying the school of their choice in India, preferably where they studied or originated. Bighelp will coordinate with the school and facilitate the workshop.

Registration Process: Registration process to participate in this program will start in the month of March every year. An invitation will be sent to the Bighelp mailing list with instructions to register in the program before the due date. All NRI children living anywhere in the world, currently studying between 6th and 12th grade, with broadband internet connection and phone at home, are eligible to register in this program. All registered students will need to participate in at least 2 conference or Skype calls of 1 hour each to learn the process and demonstrate their workshop readiness before start of their vacation.

Post Workshop: After the workshop, students should write a paper describing their experience and send to Bighelp along with few photos. Students will also send their report to their local newspapers after getting an approval from Bighelp.

Certificate: Bighelp will mail a "Volunteer Certificate" to the student with his/her earned community service hour credits.

* If the school of your first choice is not available for this internship during the requested timeframe, we will try to get a school of your second or third choice.

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Project Type:

ID Project Name Project Type Start Date Status
P0535 Youth Internship by Sreenikitha Emani - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 18-Aug-2016 Completed
P0538 Youth Internship by Priya Merchia - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 10-Aug-2016 Completed
P0537 Youth Internship by Shivani Merchia - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 10-Aug-2016 Completed
P0534 Youth Internship by Maneesh Sai Ariga - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 25-Jul-2016 Completed
P0536 Youth Internship by Anvitha Veeragandham - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 25-Jul-2016 Completed
P0539 Youth Internship by Sarayu Reddy Pininti - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 18-Jul-2016 Completed
P0514 Youth Internship by Nandini Sivakumar - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 11-Jul-2016 Completed
P0517 Youth Internship by Ashish Babu Narne - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 07-Jul-2016 Completed
P0518 Youth Internship by Sandeep Gingipalli - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 04-Jul-2016 Completed
P0516 Youth Internship by Nandika Sai Pati - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 01-Jul-2016 Completed
P0515 Youth Internship by Navatej Sai Pati - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 01-Jul-2016 Completed
P0513 Youth Internship by Susanth Rajanala - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 27-Jun-2016 Completed
P0512 Youth Internship by Saketh Renangi - Summer 2016 Youth Internship 23-Jun-2016 Completed
P0473 Youth Internship by Shiva Muddie - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 14-Aug-2015 Completed
P0435 Youth Internship by Alekhya Penumarthy - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 13-Aug-2015 Completed
P0434 Youth Internship by Akhila Penumarthy - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 13-Aug-2015 Completed
P0433 Youth Internship by Ritvik Eadara - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 06-Aug-2015 Completed
P0432 Youth Internship by Meghana Reddy- Summer 2015 Youth Internship 22-Jul-2015 Completed
P0429 Youth Internship by Susritha Kopparapu- Summer 2015 Youth Internship 13-Jul-2015 Completed
P0430 Youth Internship by Jathin Gadiparthi - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 10-Jul-2015 Completed
P0428 Youth Internship by Neeharika Chanda- Summer 2015 Youth Internship 07-Jul-2015 Completed
P0427 Youth Internship by Partha Naik Porika - Summer 2015 Youth Internship 02-Jul-2015 Completed
P0358 Youth Internship by Rithvik Kondai - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 25-Aug-2014 Completed
P0346 Youth Internship by Sruthi Chavali - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 06-Aug-2014 Completed
P0347 Youth Internship by Harini Somanchi - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 06-Aug-2014 Completed
P0348 Youth Internship by Nitya Yalamanchali - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 04-Aug-2014 Completed
P0351 Youth Internship by Gajan Nagaraj - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 21-Jul-2014 Completed
P0350 Youth Internship by Nila Krishna Kumar - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 16-Jul-2014 Completed
P0343 Youth Internship by Sana Shaik - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 01-Jul-2014 Completed
P0344 Youth Internship by Shalini Kandula - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 30-Jun-2014 Completed
P0349 Youth Internship by Reyshma Sekar - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 30-Jun-2014 Completed
P0342 Youth Internship by Jabili Kandula - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 25-Jun-2014 Completed
P0345 Youth Internship by Saketh Saripalli - Summer 2014 Youth Internship 23-Jun-2014 Completed