Proposed Projects

Bighelp works with different variety of projects in many educational and development related endeavors. Our mission is to address the issues concerning access to education by financially backward children, ensure every child has access to education that is meaningful, retain the students and encourage meritorious students to continue their education. With these goals in mind we have invested our energies in supporting different types of projects where each of the project plays an important role to address issues at the ground level.

Following is the list of projects waiting for funds at Bighelp For Education.

ID Project Name Project Type District
P0751 Construction of toilets at Z.P.H. School - Vempadu Adopt A School Visakhapatnam
P0755 Duel Desks and drinking water facility to Z.P.H. School - Atlur Adopt A School Kadapa
P0754 Duel Desks to Z.P.H. School - Kodugal Adopt A School Mahaboobnagar
P0753 Duel Desks to Z.P.H. School - Pothaipally Adopt A School Kamareddy
P0752 Provide Playground to Z.P.H. School - R.P. Colony Adopt A School Medchal