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Sponsor A Child - Higher Education Zone - Naupada - Year 2019 - 20

Naupada, Srikakulam District, AP
Zonal wise Scholarships presentation program has been conducted at Govt. High School, Naupada by Bighelp to help students to continue their higher education. These scholarships were presented to students who passed 10th grade with the support of Bighelp. Each student will be received scholarship of Rs. 5000/- until they complete their graduation. Scholarship will present in two installments every year. Following projects comes under this zone:

1. Naupada
2. Talagam
3. Patha Tekkali
4. Dharmapuri

Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C1843 Abhisekh Kureshula Yamalpeta Srikakulam
C2085 Anil Polaki Naupada Srikakulam
C2091 Ankitha Putchakayala Naupada Srikakulam
C1198 Bhavani Kochcherla Kochcherlavani peta Srikakulam
C1817 Gowtham Gedda Vizianagaram Vizianagaram
C2022 Hema Sankar Chandaka Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2431 Karthik Chinta U.R.K. Puram Srikakulam
C1501 Kishore Kumar Chandaka Dharmapuri Vizianagram
C1847 Kishore Parapati Naupada Srikakulam
C1597 Krishnaveni Udayapuram Rajagopalapuram Srikakulam
C2159 Kruparani Yeluru Naupada R.S. Srikakulam
C1598 Kumari Bade Jandapeta Srikakulam
C2086 Lokeswara Rao Yeduru Naupada Srikakulam
C1596 Madhavi Killi Ijjavaram Srikakulam
C1502 Mahesh Vallipilli Dharmapuri Vizianagram
C1581 Mohan Kumar Gadugulai Yamalapeta Srikakulam
C1202 Mohan Kumar Mordhlai Naupada Srikakulam
C1580 Mohan Sai Pekala Naupada Srikakulam
C2422 Mohana Rao Jeeru Naupada Srikakulam
C1845 Mohini Pakki Naupada Srikakulam
C1289 Mounika Mandala Naupada Srikakulam
C1844 Nagaraju Patnana Syamsundarapuram Srikakulam
C1577 Naveen Timmala Seethanagaram Srikakulam
C1199 Prasad Ginni Hanumantha Naidu Peta Srikakulam
C2088 Rajesh Karri Naupada Srikakulam
C1842 Ramakrishna Ginni Naupada Srikakulam
C1465 Ramakrishna Ponnada Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2092 Ramya Yadla Naupada R.S. Srikakulam
C1578 Reetika Anapana Naupada Srikakulam
C2084 Rohith Kumar Nadiminti Naupada Srikakulam
C0930 Rupa Kolla Seetarampuram Srikakulam
C1466 Sai Kumar Korada Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2090 Sai Kumar Suggu Naupada R.S. Srikakulam
C2083 Saisirisha Vakada Naupada Srikakulam
C1200 Sathish Batchala Seethanagaram Srikakulam
C1288 Shobha Rani Garaka Naupada Srikakulam
C1290 Sireesha Konki Naupada Srikakulam
C2021 Sirisha Karri Biyyalapeta Vizianagaram
C2081 Suseela Reddy Chintalavalasa Vizianagaram
C1460 Suvarna Vallupilli Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1846 Swathi Lopinti Jagannadhapuram Srikakulam
C2421 Tarun Mordhalai Yamalapeta Srikakulam
C2223 Triveni Chilla Naupada R.S. Srikakulam
C2277 Vani Kumari Baddu Biyyalapeta Vizianagaram
Project Inaugural Information
Scholarships presentation program has been conducted in the school premises with following personnel on 22-Sep-2019. Scholarships were presented to 51 students from 4 projects. Each student was honored with their first installment amount of Rs. 2500/- . Following personnel have attended the event

1. Mr. K.V. Narayan Asst. Executive Director, Bighelp
2. Mr. Chinnavadu Mandal Educational Office
3. Mr. Y.V. Varthanam Head Master
4. Mr. Krishna Rao Head Master, Z.P.H.S., Talagam
5. Mr. P. Ravi Kumar Reddy Donor
6. Mr. P. Raja Sekar Reddy Donor
7. Mr. Giridhar Donor
8. Mr. L. Jaya Krishna Reddy Project Director, Naupada
9. Mrs. Rajeswari Project Director, Dharmapuri
10. Mr. Gowri Sankar Project Director, Patha tekkali
11. Students and parents

The travelling expenses of the student and his assistant were reimbursed by Bighelp For Education.

All of them are advised to follow discipline, improvement of performance in education

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Vijayananda Raja Chennuru Project Commitee Chairman 9440257975   
Jaya Krishna Lopinti Project Director 9491567769   
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