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Donated Educational and Sports material to Annamma Special School

Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna District, AP
Bighelp donated sports material and educational material to Annamma Special School A program for persons with disabilities in Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada located in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Annamma Society is a pioneer organization to promote and establish Socio-educational capabilities to the Deaf & Dumb and Physically challenged children since 1997.

Annamma Organization has been providing rehabilitation with residential care, educational support and medical treatment for 120 of disabled children in its Special school and 45 disabled children in various villages as part of the community based rehabilitation program. As the children hail from the rural areas, they are mostly orphans or single parented.

The Secretary of the organization approached Bighelp for helping to procure educational and sports material. The educational material provided by Bighelp helped the school with improving the teaching techniques for the hearing impaired children by using this material. Quality education is ensured to about 120 special needs students with this material.

The sports material provided by Bighelp is used to practice well and show better performance in competitions.

Project Geographic Information
Annamma special school is situated in VTPS Road, Irahimpatnam, Vijayawada, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Ibrahimpatnam is mandal headquarters 260 kilometers away from Hyderabad and is connected with road and rail.

School Information
The organization established in 1997. At present the strength is 120 children who are either physically or mentally challenged.

Project Inaugural Information
The donation program was conducted by Bighelp on 15-11-2016 at the premises of Annamma and donated the sports material and educational material. The following personnel have attend the donation program

1. Mr. Chand Pasha Shaik - President, Bighelp
2. Mr. R.Jawaharlal - Secretary, Bighelp
3. Mr. Swaroop – P.R.O., Bighelp
4. Mrs. Vasantha Kumari - Secretary, Annamma school
5. Mr. Kiran Kumar - President, Annamma School
6. School staff and students

Mr. Chand Pasha Shaik narrated Bighelp activities and appreciated the role of Annamma Special school for serving the Deaf & Dumb and Physically challenged children.

Mrs. Vasantha Kumari, Secretary of the organization, thanked Bighelp organization for presenting the educational and sports material to their organization.

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Shekar Babu Jakkula Project Director 9494532610   
Venkateswara Rao Parasa Project Commitee Chairman 9490412248   
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Sarvani Kare USA 8%
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Mahesh Krishnan & Anna Loganathan USA 8%
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