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Manchikalalu Home for the Needy Children

West Marredpally, Ranga Reddy District, AP
Bighelp provided uniforms and shoes to 15 students in Manchikalalu Home for the needy children located at West Marredpally, Secunderabad.

MANCHIKALALU is a Home for the needy children (Orphanage) which is formed by a group of like minded people who have come together to help and realize the dreams of underprivileged children in the society.

In Manchikalalu, 30 children in the home out of which 25 children go to school regularly. The rest of them are incorporated into various fields of specialization like Technical education, sports and music.

Manchikalalu requested Bighelp to provide some help explaining their difficulties due to short fall of funds to meet their minimum requirements for the school going children. Bighelp felt their request is genuine. Hence Bighelp provided 15 pairs of Uniforms and 15 pairs of shoes.

The aim of the Manchikalalu organization is “Street to Society”. They gather the boys from the streets and through the reference of other volunteers. They provide basically homely atmosphere to the street children.
Project Geographic Information
Manchikalalu home for needy children is situated in West Marredpally, Secunderabad, AP, part and partial of the twin cities.
School Information
Manchikalalu organization was established in 2007 as an Orphanage. At present it is running in a rented building. The total strength of the home is 30 students. After school hours the students are providing with refresh the lessons with the help of 4 vidya volunteers.
Project Inaugural Information
The donation program at Manchikalalu by Bighelp for presenting school uniforms and shoes was held on 13-07-10.

The following personnel have attended the function
Smt. M. Sarojini Managing Trustee
Sri. T.S.R. Murthy Administrative officer
Sri.P.Sarath Kumar Director Manchikalalu
Smt. M. Sarojini has narrated the activities of Bighelp

Later uniforms and shoes were distributed to the selected students by Managing Trustee in the presence of Sri. P. Sarath Kumar Director Manchikalalu.

Project Survey Information
Basing on their request Managing Trustee and C.O.O. inspected the organization on 5th June 2010. They held discussions with the Director in their office premises. After discussions they came to a conclusion their request for providing uniforms and shoes were found genuine. Hence the project has taken up for consideration.
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Donor Name Country Percentage
Srilatha Vuppala USA 42%
Krishna Prasad & Geeta Sompally USA 17%
Ravi Yelamanchili USA 8%
Samir Jain USA 33%
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