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GreenDay - Dharmasagar - Year 2022

Dharmasagar, Warangal District, Telangana
Bighelp For Education organized Green Day program at Zilla Parishad Girls High School, Dharmasagar, Warangal dist, Telangana state.

The Green Day program is held on the first and third Saturdays of every month. During the Green Day program Bighelp not only plant new trees and also protect existing trees. Bighelp provides the equipment needed to start the Green day program

As part of this program, 5 to 10 saplings will be planted in the school in June. Any interested student can participate in the Green Day program. Green Day program will be organized with 6 teams. Each team consists of 5 members. Bighelp awards certificates every year to students who have participated in the GreenDay program.

Bighelp started this Green Day program to involve the students in protecting the environment.

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Suma Devi Ennamsetti Project Commitee Chairman    9666633782
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