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The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership

The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership sponsored the education of underprivileged children in India who are at a risk of discontinuing studies due to very impoverished circumstances. Bighelp thank The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership for generously sponsoring the education and making a positive difference in the lives of the needy children.

The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership made a contribution to promoting literacy projects in India and helping schools become interesting places to learn. Thanks to The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership for the compassion and support in ensuring the education that the children receive is effective.

Projects Supported :
Project ID Project Name Project Type
p0547Bighelp Award For Excellence - B. CherlopalliMerit Award
p0728Bighelp Award For Excellence - Dharmasagar BoysMerit Award
p0525Bighelp Award For Excellence - IppagudemMerit Award
p0263Bighelp Award For Excellence - JalluruMerit Award
p0107Bighelp Award For Excellence - JuloorMerit Award
p0563Bighelp Award For Excellence - KodugalMerit Award
p0150Bighelp Award For Excellence - KodumuruMerit Award
p0442Bighelp Award For Excellence - MaddikeraMerit Award
p0110Bighelp Award For Excellence - ManakondurMerit Award
p0111Bighelp Award For Excellence - NaupadaMerit Award
p0182Bighelp Award For Excellence - NidimamidiMerit Award
p0855Bighelp Award For Excellence - Patha TekkaliMerit Award
p0858Bighelp Award For Excellence - PedapalliMerit Award
p0726Bighelp Award For Excellence - PillalamarryMerit Award
p0436Bighelp Award For Excellence - PothaipallyMerit Award
p0724Bighelp Award For Excellence - R.P. ColonyMerit Award
p0224Bighelp Award For Excellence - RamalingapuramMerit Award
p0725Bighelp Award For Excellence - RebbanpallyMerit Award
p0857Bighelp Award For Excellence - S. NarsapuramMerit Award
p0859Bighelp Award For Excellence - SathupallyMerit Award
p0112Bighelp Award For Excellence - SingarayapalemMerit Award
p0933Bighelp Award For Excellence - TalagamMerit Award
p0181Bighelp Award For Excellence - TarlupaduMerit Award
p0455Bighelp Award For Excellence - TekumatlaMerit Award
p0650Bighelp Award For Excellence - ToopranMerit Award
p0546Bighelp Award For Excellence - UddandapuramMerit Award
p0184Bighelp Award For Excellence - UndrajavaramMerit Award
p0530Bighelp Award For Excellence - VallampatlaMerit Award
p0723Bighelp Award For Excellence - VempaduMerit Award
p0188Bighelp Award For Excellence - YellareddyMerit Award
p0266Bighelp Award For Excellence- MarurMerit Award
p0903Donated Furniture to Z.P.H. School - TekumatlaAdopt A School
p0773Donated Sports Material to Z.P.P.S. School - IppagudemAdopt A School
p0431Donated Uniforms to Aadarsh Home For ChildrenAdopt A School
p1180GreenDay - Dharmasagar - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1183GreenDay - Dornakal - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1184GreenDay - Manakondur - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1197GreenDay - Nagarjunasagar - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1182GreenDay - Namavaram - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1181GreenDay - Pillalamarry - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1179GreenDay - Pothaipally - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1185GreenDay - Sathupally - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1198GreenDay - Tarlupadu - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1196GreenDay - Tekumatla - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1186GreenDay - Vallampatla - Year 2022Adopt A School
p1218GreenDay - Yellareddy - Year 2022Adopt A School
p0540Provided Infrastructure facilities to MPUP School, GodavarruAdopt A School
p1203Provided NMMS books and Volunteer for Coaching - Macherla 2022-23Adopt A School
p1010Provided NMMS Material to Govt. High School-NaupadaAdopt A School
p1019Provided NMMS Material to Govt. High School-VijayapurisouthAdopt A School
p1005Provided NMMS Material to M.V.N.Z.P.H. School - UndrajavaramAdopt A School
p1226Provided NMMS Material to MK. Baig M.C.H. School-Vijayawada 2022-23Adopt A School
p1013Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. G.H. School-DharmasagarAdopt A School
p1220Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School - Singarayapalem 2022-23Adopt A School
p1011Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-AnnavaramAdopt A School
p1024Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-DachepalliAdopt A School
p1204Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-Dachepalli 2022-23Adopt A School
p1012Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-IppagudemAdopt A School
p1017Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-KodumuruAdopt A School
p1025Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-PedapalliAdopt A School
p1215Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-R.P. Colony 2022-23Adopt A School
p1018Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-TalagamAdopt A School
p1122Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-TekumatlaAdopt A School
p1210Provided NMMS Material to Z.P. H. School-Tekumatla 2022-23Adopt A School
p1016Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.G.H. School-MacherlaAdopt A School
p1214Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - Laxmipuram 2022-23Adopt A School
p1207Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - Pothaipally 2022-23Adopt A School
p1205Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - S. Narsapuram 2022-23Adopt A School
p1006Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - TarlupaduAdopt A School
p1004Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - UddandapuramAdopt A School
p1003Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - VempaduAdopt A School
p1208Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School - Yellareddy 2022-23Adopt A School
p1007Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School -B. CherlopalliAdopt A School
p1008Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School -RamalingapuramAdopt A School
p1014Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School-DharmapuriAdopt A School
p1020Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School-GavaravaramAdopt A School
p1009Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School-PathatekkaliAdopt A School
p1015Provided NMMS Material to Z.P.H. School-VadapalliAdopt A School
p0785Provided Sports Material- Laxmipuram - Year 2018Talent Search
p1123Provided Volunteer for NMMS Coaching - MacherlaAdopt A School
p0674Quiz Program - Jalluru Year 2018Talent Search
p0453Quiz Program - Kodugal Year 2015Talent Search
p0777Quiz Program - Kodugal Year 2018Talent Search
p0882Quiz Program - Kodugal Year 2019Talent Search
p0794Quiz Program - Laxmipuram Year 2019Talent Search
p0780Quiz Program - Macherla Year 2018Talent Search
p0665Quiz Program - Naupada Year 2018Talent Search
p0787Quiz Program - Nidimamidi Year 2019Talent Search
p0888Quiz Program - S. Narsapuram Year 2019Talent Search
p0790Quiz Program - Tekumatla Year 2019Talent Search
p0920Quiz Program - Tekumatla Year 2020Talent Search
p0666Quiz Program - Uddandapuram Year 2017Talent Search
p0921Quiz Program - Vadapalli Year 2020Talent Search
p0786Quiz Program - Vempadu Year 2018Talent Search
p0788Quiz Program - Yellareddy Year 2018Talent Search
p0765Sports Meet - B.Cherlopalli - Year 2018Talent Search
p0779Sports Meet - Ippagudem - Year 2018Talent Search
p0758Sports Meet - Juloor - Year 2018Talent Search
p1213Sports Meet - Kodugal - November2022Talent Search
p0760Sports Meet - Kodugal - Year 2018Talent Search
p0662Sports Meet - Kodumuru - Year 2017Talent Search
p1232Sports Meet - Macherla - Year 2022Talent Search
p0902Sports Meet - Manakondur - Year 2020Talent Search
p1223Sports Meet - Marur - Year 2022Talent Search
p1107Sports Meet - Namavaram - Year 2022Talent Search
p0764Sports Meet - Naupada - Year 2018Talent Search
p1212Sports Meet - Naupada - Year 2022Talent Search
p0761Sports Meet - Nidimamidi - Year 2018Talent Search
p1235Sports Meet - Nidimamidi - Year 2022Talent Search
p0763Sports Meet - Pathatekkali -Year 2018 Talent Search
p1202Sports Meet - Pathatekkali -Year 2022Talent Search
p1227Sports Meet - Pedapalli - November 2022Talent Search
p1125Sports Meet - Pedapalli - Year 2022Talent Search
p0664Sports Meet - Pillalamarry - Year 2017Talent Search
p1097Sports Meet - Pillalamarry - Year 2022Talent Search
p0766Sports Meet - Pothaipally - Year 2018Talent Search
p1098Sports Meet - Pothaipally - Year 2022Talent Search
p0784Sports Meet - R.P. Colony - Year 2018Talent Search
p1109Sports Meet - R.P. Colony - Year 2022Talent Search
p1217Sports Meet - Ramalingapuram - November 2022Talent Search
p0782Sports Meet - Ramalingapuram - Year 2018Talent Search
p1095Sports Meet - Ramalingapuram - Year 2022Talent Search
p1112Sports Meet - Rebbanpally - Year 2022Talent Search
p1206Sports Meet - S. Narsapuram - Year 2022Talent Search
p1099Sports Meet - Sathupally - Year 2022Talent Search
p1239Sports Meet - Sathupally - Year 2023Talent Search
p1243Sports Meet - Singarayapalem -Year 2023 Talent Search
p1230Sports Meet - Talagam - Year 2022Talent Search
p1200Sports Meet - Tarlupadu - Year 2022Talent Search
p0900Sports Meet - Tekumatla - Year 2020Talent Search
p1103Sports Meet - Tekumatla - Year 2022Talent Search
p0663Sports Meet - Toopran - Year 2017Talent Search
p0759Sports Meet - Uddandapuram - Year 2018Talent Search
p0762Sports Meet - Undrajavaram -Year 2018 Talent Search
p1221Sports Meet - Undrajavaram -Year 2022Talent Search
p0767Sports Meet - Vadapalli - Year 2018Talent Search
p1201Sports Meet - Vadapalli - Year 2022Talent Search
p1244Sports Meet - Vallampatla -Year 2023 Talent Search
p1110Sports Meet - Vijayawada - Year 2022Talent Search
p1111Sports Meet - Yellareddy - Year 2022Talent Search
p1245Sports Meet - Yellareddy - Year 2023Talent Search
p0783Sports Meet -Dharmapuri - Year 2018Talent Search
p1105Sports Meet -Dharmasagar (Girls) - Year 2022Talent Search
Sponsoring Children :(please click on the child name for more details.)
ID Name Sponsorship
Begin Date
End Date
C2516Akhila Thummanapally
    Ramannapeta, Jagtial
01-Sep-2022 Still Sponsoring
C1355Anil Kumar Amballa
    Jakkuva, Vizianagaram
01-Oct-2017 31-Jul-2020
C1438Anji Naik Patlavath
    Vijayapuri South, Guntur
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2019
C1913Anusha Velgam
    Indhanapally, Adilabad
01-Jul-2019 31-Aug-2022
C2144Asha Soubiya Syed
    Pylon Colony, Nalgonda
01-Jan-2018 31-May-2021
C2231Ashok Chakali
    Maddikera, Kurnool
01-Nov-2017 31-May-2018
C2216Aswitha Chittimodu
    Kodumuru, Khammam
01-Jun-2022 Still Sponsoring
C3442Bharath Kakimanu
    Chandragiri, Tirupathi
01-Sep-2022 Still Sponsoring
C2160Bhavya Sri Pasunoori
    Dharmasagar, Warangal
01-Jan-2018 31-May-2022
C1704Chandana Mattipelly
    Namavaram, Nalgonda
01-Oct-2017 31-May-2019
C2190Divya Vangapally
    Cheeta kodur, Jangaon
01-Jun-2021 31-Aug-2023
C1988Durga Prasad Nanepalli
    G.J.Puram, Visakhapatnam
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2022
C2419Eswara Rao Jeeru
    P.Lingoodu, Srikakulam
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2020
C3414Govardhani Bathula
    Nagulavaram, Guntur
01-Sep-2022 Still Sponsoring
C2209Harika Yaja
    Yellareddypet, Siddipet
01-Jan-2019 31-Aug-2023
C3593Himam Vali Shaik
    Sathupally, Khammam
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C2206Ishrath Banu Mohammad
    Galipally, Rajanna Siricilla
01-Jan-2019 31-Aug-2023
C2025Janaki Ramudu Koyyana
    Dharmapuri, Vizianagaram
01-Jun-2022 Still Sponsoring
C2695John Wesly Yamarthi
    Tarlupadu, Prakasam
01-Aug-2020 31-May-2023
C0880Jyothi Manavareddy
    Macherla, Guntur
01-Jun-2013 31-May-2015
C1102Keerthi Vanne
    Pedaputhedu , Nellore
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2023
C2155Leena Matha
    Jalluru, East Godavari
01-Jun-2022 Still Sponsoring
C1824Mahalakshmi Pentakota
    Laxmipuram, Visakhapatnam
01-Jun-2022 Still Sponsoring
C1940Mahesh Veeranki
    Venkatapuram, Krishna
01-Jan-2018 31-May-2019
C3415Maheswari Marla
    Nagulavaram, Guntur
01-Sep-2022 Still Sponsoring
C1770Mallesh Dharani
    Komatpally, Nizamabad
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2021
C1939Manasa Chintha
    Pillamarri, Nalgonda
01-Nov-2017 31-May-2018
C1938Manoj Chintha
    Pillamarri, Nalgonda
01-Nov-2017 31-May-2022
C2145Minhaz Shaik
    Pylon Colony, Nalgonda
01-Jan-2018 31-May-2021
C2295Mounika Degavath
    Nallakunta Thanda, Mahaboobnagar
01-Jun-2022 31-May-2023
C2295Mounika Degavath
    Nallakunta Thanda, Mahaboobnagar
01-Sep-2018 31-May-2022
C2686Niharika Kamishetty
    Pillalamarry, Suryapet
01-Sep-2022 Still Sponsoring
C2952Noor Mahammad Korrapadu
    Annavaram, Y.S.R. Kadapa
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C2636Prasadula Rajeswari
    Dosalapadu, Visakhapatnam
01-Jun-2021 31-May-2021
C2071Pravalika Sanam
    Pakalagudem, Khammam
01-Jun-2022 Still Sponsoring
C3578Praveen Kumar Manda
    Sriramapuram, Spsr Nellore
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C1635Raj Kumar Jadi
    Rebbanpally, Adilabad
01-Jun-2022 31-May-2022
C1882Rehaman Shaik
    Macherla, Guntur
01-Sep-2017 31-May-2019
C1662Renuka Kathula
    Ippagudem, Warangal
01-Mar-2018 Still Sponsoring
C3537Salman Shaik
    Chandragiri, Tirupati
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C1469Sandhya Rani Nanepalli
    G.Jagnnadhapuram, Visakhapatnam
01-Jun-2020 31-May-2023
C2707Sandya Velugoti
    Sathupally, Khammam
01-Jun-2021 Still Sponsoring
C0325Sangeetha Gaje
    Yellareddy, Nizamabad
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2019
C3564Satish Kondra
    Uddandapuram, Anakapalli
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C1903Shaik Ayesha
    Proddatur, Y.S.R.Kadapa
01-May-2018 31-Aug-2022
C0514Sharadha Arra
    Srinivasa Colony, Hyderabad
01-Aug-2009 31-May-2013
C1919Shiva Beesam
    Shainpally, Mahabubnagar
01-Sep-2016 31-Aug-2022
C1863Shiva Kumar Ellagundla
    Yellareddy, Nizamabad
01-Sep-2017 31-May-2023
C0842Siva Sankar Peketi
    Godicherla, Visakhapatnam
01-Feb-2019 31-Aug-2022
C1839Sonu Rayala
    Singumahanthi Peta, Srikakulam
01-Aug-2017 Still Sponsoring
C2667Sridhar Tasilu
    Maddikera, Kurnool
01-Aug-2020 31-May-2022
C1846Swathi Lopinti
    Jagannadhapuram, Srikakulam
01-Aug-2017 31-May-2022
C1528Teja Naik Kumavath
    Gajulapalli, Anantapur
01-Nov-2017 Still Sponsoring
C2232Urukundu Jogi
    Maddikera, Kurnool
01-Nov-2017 31-May-2022
C2230Venkatesh Kasetty
    Maddikera, Kurnool
01-Nov-2017 31-May-2022
C1259Vijaya Lakshmi Boppana
    Prakash Nagar, Krishna
01-Jun-2018 31-May-2023
C3594Vijaya Lakshmi Tanku
    Rajeev Colony, Khammam
01-Jun-2023 Still Sponsoring
C2304Vijjitha Thalari
    Rebbanpalli, Mancherial
01-Nov-2018 31-Jan-2019
C1883Vinay Kumar Chintala
    Macherla, Guntur
01-Jun-2022 31-May-2022
C1363Vishnu Priya Nagireddy
    Rangampalli, Y.S.R
01-Jul-2016 31-Jul-2020

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