Project Details

Sponsor A Child - Tekumatla, Year 2017 - 18

Tekumatla, Suryapet District, Telangana
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C2076 Adnan Mahammad Tekumatla Suryapet
C1392 Amaan Mohmmad Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1603 Gopi Singam Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1746 Kalyan Lakkumalla Tekumatla Nalgonda
C2077 Maduri Medi Tekumatla Suryapet
C1599 Mahesh Mannem Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1601 Mamatha Dasari Tekumatla Nalgonda
C2074 Manjula Jala Tekumatla Suryapet
C1389 Naveen Boddu Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1393 Nouseen Shaik Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1391 Poojitha Boddu Tekumatla Nalgonda
C2078 Pradeep Kumar Surarapu Tekumatla Suryapet
C1743 Prathyusha Nemmadi Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1390 Revathi Dorepalli Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1942 Rizwan Shaik Tekumatla Suryapet
C1600 Sai Jala Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1745 SaiGouthami Madaraboina Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1748 Sandeep Birumalla Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1602 Sandhya Arraboina Tekumatla Nalgonda
C2075 Srivennela Chekka Tekumatla Suryapet
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Satyanarayana Chalasani Project Commitee Chairman 9581232589   
Mallesh Pagidimarla Project Director 9848845220   
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