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Sponsor A Child - Tekumatla, Year 2014 - 15

Tekumatla, Nalgonda District, Telangana
Located at Zilla Parishad High School, Tekumatla village, Nalgonda District, Telangana, India. All 10 children sponsored in this project under Sponsor-A-Child program are orphans,semi-orphans. All of these children are at the brink of discontinuing their studies due to their deprived condition before Bighelp sponsor their education. The full details of each sponsoring child are provided below. Additional children will be sponsored in this project as we continue to find the eligible children.

This is the third project in the district of Nalgonda and is the 31st active project for Bighelp under Sponsor-A-Child program. This project helps the orphans and underprivileged children to continue their studies with the support of their sponsoring donors. In addition to getting financial assistance to pay the school fees, buy books, cloths, shoes, educational material and private tuition, in this program children are benefited from more individual attention by our project directors and project committee (group of Bighelp volunteers) that has been established in this village. These students will continue to get the sponsorship from Bighelp until they complete their 12th grade as long as they continue to perform well and meet the eligibility criteria.

Each of these children has a dream to have a better life and be the better citizen through education. Amaan Mahammad wants to become an Engineer, Swapna Jakkali wants to become a Doctor and Revathi Dorepalli wants to become a Teacher. Every child has a goal, but does not have any support to reach their goals. Bighelp is committed to provide all the necessary support and hopes to bring their dreams come true with the help of their sponsors.

Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C1392 Amaan Mohmmad Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1397 Janaiah Gaddapati Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1394 Mallikarjuna Nimmala Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1389 Naveen Boddu Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1393 Nouseen Shaik Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1391 Poojitha Boddu Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1390 Revathi Dorepalli Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1395 Sidhartha Dasari Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1396 Sri Varsha Thogati Tekumatla Nalgonda
C1388 Swapna Jakkali Tekumatla Nalgonda
Project Geographic Information
Tekumatla is a village in Suryapeta Mandal of Nalgonda District, Telangana, India. It is about 10 Kilometers away from Suryapeta. Suryapeta is about 120 KMS away from Hyderabad and is connected by Road only.

School Information
Zilla Parishad High School is situated in Tekumatla village and is working since 1954. Students from nearby villages namely Rayamgudem, Uppalapadu and Tekumatla are educating themselves from this school. It is co-education school with present strength of 201 students, 13 teachers.

Project Inaugural Information
Inaugural function of Bighelp project at Tekumatla has been conducted in the school premises with following personnel on 26-Jan-2015. 10 students have been selected studying from 6th and 9th standards and all of them are orphans.

The Meeting was conducted under the president ship of H.M. Ch. Satyanarayana (PCC) and Mr.Jawaharlal on behalf of Bighelp from Hyderabad as chief guest.

Mr. Jawaharlal has explained the motto behind establishing Bighelp organization, its vision and values on which it is based and working. He also enlightened the efforts taken by Bighelp Chairman Mr. Chand Pasha to eradicate illiteracy in India.

H.M. and other dignitaries have spoken on the education necessity and advised the students to utilize this rare opportunity to come up in education. The selected students are prized with books by dignitaries on the dais.

Project Survey Information
This project has been surveyed Mr.Jawaharlal Secretary of Bighelp during month Nov/Dec 2014. He made personal visit to this village, talked to the children, parents and school staff to assess the need. The executive body headed by the Bighelp President Mr. Chand Pasha has reviewed the need for the support and approved the project.
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Satyanarayana Chalasani Project Commitee Chairman 9581232589   
Mallesh Pagidimarla Project Director 9848845220   
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