Project Details

Sponsor A Child - S. Narsapuram, Year 2020 - 21

S. Narsapuram, Visakhapatnam District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C2888 Ambika Dosapatni S. Narsapuram Visakhapatnam
C2616 Devi Polavarapu Sriramapuram Visakhapatnam
C2613 Lova Durga Gangireddy Sriramapuram Visakhapatnam
C2609 Mamata Manisai Mounisha Yanamareddy Kumarapuram Visakhapatnam
C2889 Nagadevi Karaka Srirampuram Visakhapatnam
C2617 Papa Pandiri Sriramapuram Visakhapatnam
C2614 Ramya Pakkurthi Sriramapuram Visakhapatnam
C2618 Satyavas Kundrapu S. Narasapuram Visakhapatnam
C2610 Subha Nagulapalli S. Narasapuram Visakhapatnam
C2615 Swaminadh Durga Prasad Kodamalla Sriramapuram Visakhapatnam
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Laxmi Narasimham Jallepalli Project Director 83410 15279   9441326717
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