Project Details

Sponsor A Child - Laxmipuram, Year 2018 -19

Laxmipuram, Visakhapatnam District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C1827 Bhavani Sirisolla Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C1825 Jyothi Allumalla Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C1823 Jyothi Galla Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C1826 Lakshman Rao Maaraju Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C2107 Lokeswara Rao Bunga Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C1824 Mahalakshmi Pentakota Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C2106 Mathaji Mahadevu Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C2372 Narendra Rayee Dhamunapalli Visakhapatnam
C1829 Rajesh Kumar Kocherla Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C2373 Sai Lakshmi Mahadevu Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C2374 Sai Pathalam Dhamunapalli Visakhapatnam
C2375 Saikumar Boina Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C2376 Shyam Chittakal Dhamunapalli Visakhapatnam
C2105 Swathi Kiran Bure Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C2108 Venu Gopal Bharadwaj Penumalla Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C2534 Venu Pathalam Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Venkata Seshagiri Rao Vodaveru Project Commitee Chairman 9948023057   7989499263
Venkata Lakshmi Muddada Project Director 9491767326   
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