Project Details

Sponsor A Child - Jalluru, Year 2013-14

Jalluru, East Godavari District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C1138 Anusha Vallabhasetti Jalluru East Godavari
C0917 Ashok Karri Jalluru East Godavari
C0833 Divya Sri Gangapathruni Jalluru East Godavari
C0830 Durga Devi Challa Jalluru East Godavari
C0828 Durga Devi Chodisetti Jalluru East Godavari
C1019 Durga Maneswari Vasireddy Mallam East Godavari
C0827 Jyothi Bhavani Sunkara Mallam East Godavari
C0829 Lavanya Durga Rayudu Jalluru East Godavari
C0914 Manesh Masineedy Mallam East Godavari
C0834 Naga Babu Manugula Jalluru East Godavari
C1137 Nagendra Baavisetti Jalluru East Godavari
C1134 Navya Penupotula Jalluru East Godawari
C0826 Sandhya Rasamsetti Mallam East Godavari
C1135 Santhi Suma Tantapureddi Jalluru East Godavari
C0831 Satish Burra Mallam East Godavari
C1133 Shyamala Battina Jalluru East Godawari
C0916 Shyamala Kanchumarti Jalluru East Godavari
C1136 Suvarna Jyothi Thalati Jalluru East Godavari
C0832 Veera Venkata Naga Durga Babu Nimmala Jalluru East Godavari
C0915 Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Pidugu Jalluru East Godavari
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Venkata Srinivasa Rao Vanga Project Director 9849157567   
Lalitha Kumari Vakkalanka Project Commitee Chairman 8125769458
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