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Providing Iron Grill gates to M.P.P. School Vadapalli

Vadapalli, East Godavari District, AP
Two iron grill gates have been provided to MPP School in Vadapalli village, Atreyapuram Mandal, East Godavari district. By providing the grill gates we can resist the illegal activities in the school premises out of school working hours. In order to stop the entry of stray animals like cattle, pigs, dogs etc. The iron grill gates have been provided.

The iron grill gates are very much useful for the security of the school buildings. The iron gates were provided in two places in the school premises. Arrange lock and key facilities for security purpose. The gates will help to keep the school belongings in safe custody. To over come all these difficulties Bighelp came forward to provide two Iron grill gates to the school.

Project Geographic Information
The MPP School is situated in Vadapalli village, Atreyapuram Mandal, East Godavari district of AP. It is connected with both road and rail transport. Ravulapalem village is transshipment center for reaching Atreyapuram is 60 KMS away from Rajahmundry.

School Information
The school was established in 1903 and consisting 142 students and 5 permanent teachers. The school is having two buildings with no gates.
Project Inaugural Information
The inauguration ceremony was performed by Smt. Sarojini Maturi Managing Trustee of Bighelp in the school premises. The following members graced the occasion:

1. Sri. K. Narasimha Reddy M.E.O.
2. Sri. A. Venkata Ramana Ex. M.P.T.C.
3. Sri. P. Babu Rao Ex. Surpanch
4. Sri. V. Prasada Rao Head Master
5. Sri. S.V.V.N.S. Prasad Project Director Bighelp
6. Sri. N. Vamsi Krishna PCC Bighelp
7. Other staff members of the school
8. Villagers and Students

All the above members appreciated the efforts made by Bighelp and thanked very much for providing the iron grill gates.

Smt. M. Sarojini has narrated the activities of Bighelp.

The inaugural function came to an end with vote of thanks by Sri. Prasada Rao Head Master of the School.

Project Survey Information
Bighelp Project Director Vadapalli made a proposal for providing of iron grill gates to the school with valid reasons. On the basis of proposals Mr.Seshagiri Rao (Executive member of Bighelp) persuaded the matter. After confirming the necessity of iron grill gates he personally inspected the school and felt the project is very much necessary for the protection of the school. The Bighelp President Mr. Chand Pasha has reviewed the need for the support and approved the project.

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Veera Venkata Naga Satya Prasad Saride Project Director 9948564449   
Vamshi Krishna Neti Project Commitee Chairman 9490786530   
Rambabu Neti Project Auditor
Durga Rao Yepuganti Project Commitee Member
V.K.J Acharuyulu Pedinti Project Commitee Member
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Donors sponsored this project
Donor Name Country Percentage
Satya & Prathima Bayisetty Sundaraneedi USA 13%
Prakash Reddy USA 13%
Murali K. Doddi USA 3%
Lyson & Julie Ludvic USA 3%
Suresh & Sunita Harpalani USA 3%
Karunakar & Kalpana Reddy Polu USA 3%
Rama Chamala USA 7%
Atchiraju & Radha Jaldu USA 10%
Raja & Sailaja Tummla USA 3%
Sriram and Padmaja Chitta 7%
Seshi Sompuram & Sandhya Raja USA 13%
Arunkumar & Archana Deshpande USA 10%
Kumar Kanteti USA 3%
Prasad & Elasree Ganni USA 3%
Rita Mistry USA 3%
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