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Construction of Compound wall at MPP School in Godicherla

Godicherla, Visakhapatnam District, AP
A compound wall and an iron gate has been constructed around MPP School in Godicherla village, Nakkapalli Mandal, Visakhapatnam district. This compound wall helped to set a boundary to the school premises, prevent the entry of stray animals like cattle, pigs, dogs and prevent illegal activities in the school premises during the off hours or school holidays.

The construction of compound wall was necessitated to prevent dumping of garbage and rubbish by neighboring people. Since the school premises are low laying area, the rain water and drainage water was flowing in to the school ground, causing the puddles and making the grounds unusable, attracting the mosquitoes and causing ill health environment for students and teachers. More over the school was forced to close every time there was a heavy rain. The compound wall and the iron gate is now helping to prevent the flow of dirty water into the school ground and overcome all of the difficulties described above.

Project Geographic Information
The MPP School is situated in Godicherla village, Nakkapalli Mandal, Visakhapatnam district of AP. It is connected with both road and rail transport. Godicherla village is 80 KMS away from Visakhapatnam city and nearest railway station is Tuni.
School Information
The school was established in 1931 and consisting 164 students, 5 permanent teachers and one vidya volunteer. Out of 4 class rooms two were RCC roof, two are with asbestos sheets.
Project Inaugural Information
The inauguration ceremony was performed by Smt. Sarojini Maturi Managing Trustee of Bighelp in the school premises. The following members graced the occasion:

1. Sri. S. Phalguna Rao M.R.P.
2. Sri. R. Veerabhadra Rao Grama Surpanch
3. Sri. Y. Ramana M.P.T.C.
4. Sri. V. Ramana Vice Chairman
5. Sri. K.Ch. Krishna Murthy Project Director Bighelp
6. Sri. S.S.V. Satyanarayana PC Member Bighelp
7. Sri. N. Rama Krishna PC Member Bighelp
8. Sri. Babji Head Master
9. Sri. Prasad V.R.O.

All the above members appreciated the efforts taken by Managing Trustee of Bighelp for the construction of compound wall and other activities for improve the conditions of the ancient school.

The gathering appreciated the efforts made by Bighelp and thanked very much.

The project done by Bighelp brought a big change among the Godicherla and Surrounding village people. Youngsters from the village came forward to donate 150plates which kids will use for their mid day meal provided by the government. The head master of the school gave Rs5000 to paint the walls.

Kids planted 50 plants to keep the campus clean and neat.

The inaugural function came to an end with vote of thanks by Sri. Babji Head Master of the School.
Project Survey Information
Present Head Master consultation with our Project Director Godicherla made a proposal for construction of compound wall to the school with valid reasons. On the basis of proposals, Smt. M.Sarojini Managing Trustee of Bighelp persuaded the matter. After confirming the necessity of compound wall she personally inspected the school and felt the project is very much necessary for the protection of the school. Sri. Ravi Maturi one of the Bighelp trustees hailed from Godicherla village. He contributed the money and raised funds from his friends to to support this project. He consulted the Bighelp President Mr. Shaik Chand Pasha to help execute the project. The executive team from USA and India have reviewed the need for the support and approved the project.
Smt. M. Sarojini Managing Trustee camped at Godicherla village and supervised personally the day to day progress of work. She took utmost care to complete the work with in the stipulated time with much quality. She could able to complete the work with the best cooperation of Sri. N.S.A. Ramaiah (Project Committee Chairman, Godicherla) and Sri.K.Ch. Krishna Murthy (Project Director, Godicherla.
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Surya Appala Ramayya Nemadi Project Commitee Chairman 9948280938   
Chinna Krishna Murthy Karanam Project Director 8008082675   
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Donors sponsored this project
Donor Name Country Percentage
Ravi Maturi USA 29%
Raja Sekhar Pathuri USA 27%
Srinivas Nookala USA 44%
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