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Construction of Lunch Hall at Godicherla High School

Godicherla, Nakkapalli Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, AP
A lunch hall was been contructed at Zillaparishad High School at Godcherla village, Nakkapalli Mandal, Vizag district, AP in Sep 2006. This project has been funded by Project Ganesh, USA and executed by Bighelp For Education. This lunch hall enabled the school children to dine safely with protection from Sun and rain.
Zilla Parishad (ZP) High School consists of 657 students and 10 teachers. A lunch hall was constructed at this school to provide shelter for student when eating lunch. The construction work began in the third week of August, 2006 and completed on September 16th, 2006. The size of the shed is 40 feet by 16 feet and it can accommodate 60 students at a time. The construction was funded by
Project Geographic Information
Godicherla is a small village located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Village is 3 kms from National Highway-5. Nearest town (15 Kms) is Nakkapalli. Nearest railway station and airport ( 100 kms) are situated in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag).
School Information
Zilla Parishad High School in Gudicherla caters to nearby villages with about 650 students from classes 6 to 10 and about 10 teachers. In 2005-2006 academic year, the pass rate of 10th Class is 84% and that of 7th class is 100%.

School Mailing Address:

Zilla Parishad High School,
Godicherla (Post)
Nakkapalli (Mandal) , Vizag (District)
AndhraPradesh, India - 531126
Project Inaugural Information
The inauguration ceremony was performed by Mr. Paul Throne, Sponser of the construction of meals shed, on September 18th, 2006. The function was followed by brief speeches from Mr. S.Seshagiri Rao (Assistant Executive Director (Admin), Bighelp), Mr.Paul Throne (from Project Ganesh) and other committee members. Mr. Throne expressed his happiness about the construction of the shed for enabling the students to dine safely with protection from sun and rain and extended thanks to organizers and Bighelp for their planned execution of the project in time.

Mr. Throne planted sapling near the Meals Shed after the inaugural function in the memory of "Project Ganesh".
Communication with project sponsor Dt:16-Jun-2006
Dear Mr. Chand Pasha,

Thank you very much for submitting the proposal to us. We appreciate your hard work to find a project for us. We also are happy to see such a detailed proposal.

I have reviewed the project with my co-director, Mr. Richard Stocker in Los Angeles, and we have agreed to fund this project....

I am looking forward very much to the opportunity to see this project when I am in Vizag in September. Even if it is not yet completed, I would like to visit the school and meet the students and teachers if possible... We are glad to be able to partner with Bighelp to assist this school


Paul Throne
Project GANESH
Project Survey Summary Dt:12-Jun-2006
Bighelp has completed survey at ZPHS School at Godicherla, Nakkapalli Mandal in Vizag district. At this school, children eat their lunch under the sun during mid afternoon. They need a shed/room to sit and eat lunch under the shade. They also need a shed to park their bicycles under the shade.

Chand Pasha
Bighelp For Education
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Surya Appala Ramayya Nemadi Project Commitee Chairman 9948280938   
Chinna Krishna Murthy Karanam Project Director 8008082675   
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Vijay & Latha Panchakshari USA 18%
Srihari babu vaddi Canada 4%
Project Ganesh USA 70%
Aimee Feinberg USA 7%
Sudheer Kunduru USA 1%
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