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Sponsor A Child - Sathupally, Year 2019 - 20

Sathupally, Khammam District, Telangana
Located at Zilla Parishad High School, Sathupally village, Khamman District, Telangana, India. All 10 children sponsored in this project under Sponsor-A-Child program are orphans and semi-orphan and financially backward. All of these children are at the brink of discontinuing their studies due to their deprived condition before Bighelp sponsor their education. The full details of each sponsoring child are provided below. Additional children will be sponsored in this project as we continue to find the eligible children.

This is the fourth project in the district of Khammam and is the 45th active project for Bighelp under Sponsor-A-Child program. This project helps the orphans and underprivileged children to continue their studies with the support of their sponsoring donors. In addition to getting financial assistance to pay the school fees, buy books, cloths, shoes, educational material and private tuition, in this program children are benefited from more individual attention by our project directors and project committee (group of Bighelp volunteers) that has been established in this village. These students will continue to get the sponsorship from Bighelp until they complete their graduation as long as they continue to perform well and meet the eligibility criteria.

There are many children in and around the village of Sathupally who have no option but abandon their schooling and go to work to support their family. The situation is even worse if the child does not have parents and earn their bread themselves. For all children sponsored under this project, it was almost everyday struggle for their existence and continuing their education was distant dream. Bighelp was able to form a project committee with the support of school headmaster, teachers, and villagers to help these underprivileged children and hope to give them a gift of bright future with the help of the sponsoring donors.

Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C2703 Anitha Bhuvaneswari Merugu Sathupally Khammam
C2700 Harika Gurajala Sathupally Khammam
C2708 Mahesh Guvvala Dwarakapuri Khammam
C2709 Naga Chaitanya Pothureddipally Sathupally Khammam
C2706 Pujitha Komati Nacharam Khammam
C2707 Sandya Velugoti Sathupally Khammam
C2702 Sudha Rani Panthagani Sathupally Khammam
C2705 Swetha Sodisetti Sathupally Khammam
C2704 Upendra Baluguru Sathupally Khammam
C2701 Vineela Sunkara Sathupally Khammam
Project Geographic Information
Sathupally is a town in Khammam district of the Indian state of Telangana.

School Information
It is a co education school with present strength of 202 students. It was established in 2009.

Project Inaugural Information
Inaugural function of Bighelp project at Sathupally has been conducted in the school premises with following personnel. 10 students have been selected studying between 6th and 10th grades.

Mr. K.V. Narayana Asst. Exe. Director, Bighelp
Mr. Damodar Prasad M.E.O.
Mr. Veera Swamy President Headmasters association
Mr. N. Rajeswara Rao Headmaster
Mr. B. Ravi Chandra Project Director, Bighelp
Mr. Lal Mahammad Project Director, Gnagaram
Mr. Basha Vali PCC, Gangaram
Mrs. R. Saila Kumari Headmistress, Gangaram
School staff
Villagers and Guardians of students.

Mr. Narayana spoken about Bighelp and interacted with students and advised them to concentrate on better education and improve their focus on Co-curricular activities.

PCC and other members have also spoken and welcomed the trust activities and appreciated the work of Bighelp in India.

Later distribution of material to 10 selected students with note books and Uniforms has been done by the dignitaries on the dais.

Project Survey Information
This project has been surveyed Mr.Lal Mahammad Bighelp Gangaram Project director during month Jan/Feb 2019. He made personal visit to this village, talked to the children, parents and school staff to assess the need. The executive body headed by the Bighelp President Mr. Chand Pasha has reviewed the need for the support and approved the project.

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Ravi Chandar Bonthu Project Director 9491540679   
Rajeswara Rao Nakka Project Commitee Chairman 9849844859   
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