Project Details

Sponsor A Child - Dharmapuri, Year 2017- 18

Dharmapuri, Vizianagaram District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C2020 Ahemad Shaik Nataraj Colony Vizianagaram
C1818 Anitha Gedela Kotha Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1463 Bhavani Pilla Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1817 Gowtham Gedda Vizianagaram Vizianagaram
C2022 Hema Sankar Chandaka Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2025 Janaki Ramudu Koyyana Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1502 Mahesh Vallipilli Dharmapuri Vizianagram
C1464 Mohan Kella Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2079 Peer Bhasha Shaik Chintalavalasa Vizianagaram
C2080 Roja Reddipalli Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2023 Sanjay Simhadri Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2021 Sirisha Karri Biyyalapeta Vizianagaram
C1816 Sravani Sankabattula Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1815 Sruthi Karri Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2081 Suseela Reddy Chintalavalasa Vizianagaram
C1460 Suvarna Vallupilli Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C1268 Swamy Naidu Pinninti Chintalavalasa Vizianagaram
C1273 Usha Pathivada Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2027 Vineela Gedela Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2026 Yamini Gedda Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
C2024 Yernamma Gode Dharmapuri Vizianagaram
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Appala Naidu Gidijala Project Director 9704306473   
Naga Kumar Project Commitee Chairman 9704217074   
Rajeswari B Project Commitee Member 9441606038   
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