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Provided Infrastructure to MPUP School at Macherla

Jammalamadaka, Guntur District, AP
Bighelp donated benches with desks, meals plates for students and chairs for staff of Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Jammalamadaka, Macherla Mandal, Guntur district.

Bighelp has received request from Sri. Kondalu Head Master of the school for provision of seating arrangement in class rooms for students and staff. In this School midday meals program being carried out by the Government of AP. The students are suffering due to lack of sufficient meals plates. The parents of the students cannot afford to provide the plates due to their poverty. The Head Master confirmed this and also requested to provide meals plates in his request letter. Hence Bighelp has taken up the project and provided 100 meals plates, benches and chairs

Project Geographic Information
The Mandal Parishad Upper Primary school is situated in Amani Jammalamadaka village, Macherla Mandal in Guntur District. Macherla is about 185 KMS away from Hyderabad. There are different mode of transport facilities are available from Hyderabad to reach Macherla.

School Information
The school was established in 1980 with a strength of 451 students and 11 permanent teachers.

Project Inaugural Information
The donation program was conducted by Bighelp on 28-08-2014 at the School premises and donated the benches, Chairs and Meals plates. The following personnel have attend the donation program

1. Sri. P. Sriramulu Bighelp Representative
2. Sri. V. Kondalu Head Master MPUP School
3. Sri. Rama Krishna Rao PCC Macherla Project
4. School staff and students

Sri. Sriramulu has explained the formation of Bighelp For Education, its aims and present activities of the organization

Sri V. Kondalu has thanked the organization for providing infrastructure to their school

Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Bhaskara Babu Tati Project Director 9441112388   9381080139
Suresh Alli Project Commitee Chairman 9849784826   
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Donors sponsored this project
Donor Name Country Percentage
Chakravarthy & Padmaja Bokkisam USA 39%
Venkata Ramana & Kali Tiruveedi USA 6%
Srinivasa Rao & Aparna Patchala USA 11%
Ravi Pulluru USA 17%
Anil Kumar Govada USA 17%
D1046 - Anonymous Donor USA 11%
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