Bighelp Youth Internship - Summer 2019

Summer 2019

Bighelp invites all non-resident Indian (NRI) children currently studying between 6th and 12th grades from all over the world to participate in an internship program in India during their vacation in summer 2019. This program provides a platform for NRI children globally to learn and understand the culture of their peers in India by spending time together in a classroom environment.

In this program, children will be visiting a public school in a village of their choice in India, organizing a workshop, sharing their experience and learning from the local children. The objective of this program is to help non-resident Indian children learn the public education system in India, while making them partners in spreading the educational awareness in India. The objective also includes providing volunteer opportunity for children to earn community service hours for their school/college admissions.

Date: July 1 to Aug 31, 2019(Any 2 consecutive days)
Venue: Any government public high school of your choice in India.

  • There is no participation fee for this program. Bighelp will be providing training (remotely) for all registered participants for free of cost to make them ready for their internship. To give back to the school where you will be doing internship, you are required to donate US $400 ($475 if registered after the due date) to Bighelp. We will be purchasing around 45 school bag packs using 100% of this donation (deliver to the school before start of your internship) which will be presented by you to the school children during your internship. We will also be shipping a kit with a T-shirt & banner to your local address in India. Bighelp runs this program with the help of dedicated volunteers in USA and India with zero administrative cost.

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The due date to submit your registration is 19-May-2019.

Additional Info

You will be doing 2 day workshop in India at any school (government public high school) of your choice to complete the internship. You are required to complete the remote training provided by Bighelp and demonstrate the readiness for doing internship before leaving to India for summer.

Program Details

Workshop Topics