Bighelp Brightstar - Fall 2020

Bighelp Brightstar

Program Overview

Young students need to master the fundamentals in grade school to meet challenges in higher grades. Practicing each concept at a time and then taking tests in a few concepts together is an effective way of making progress towards achieving a goal. Bighelp Brightstar is a systematic skill practice program designed to help young students master the skills of their schooling grade or the higher grade. This program challenges the children with one concept at a time, strengthens their skills, brings a deeper understanding to the concepts, and then challenges them with exercises covering multiple concepts together to provoke imaginative thoughts. Practicing for about 20 minutes a day, kids will earn better grades over time, have more confidence in the classroom, and accomplish a solid academic foundation for their future grades and career. With a BBS training background, students are poised to earn excellent grades in the future SAT and AP examinations.`

Program Format

Test Process

Bighelp Brightstar is a structured program covering the essential skills for grades 1 through 12. Each week the registered student will be provided the material and the practice questions covering multiple concepts and given the opportunity to read the concepts and practice the sample questions. Each concept usually takes 20 minutes to complete. Each week students will also be given a test/quiz covering all the concepts learned during that week. Each test will have 10 to 20 questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the week, students will join a 2 hours on-line session (zoom session) to participate in a live discussion of the concepts and get the help needed to fully understand the concepts.

Take The Best

We believe in early education. Students who get ahead early have more confidence and get opportunities in their school. Brightstar program brings students of different schools together, opens a broader perspective to local students, and their distant peers. Students will see more potential to grow and more goals to pursue. Once they are self-motivated to learn, students will become smarter and happier. Brightstar program provides a structured platform for young kids to excel academically. It is up to the parents to introduce this opportunity to their kids. Kids will learn, compete, and have fun. Brightstar sincerely hopes that you take the best out of this program.