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Susritha Kopparapu

Susritha Kopparapu volunteered at Bighelp and worked with other volunteers to organize fundraisers and promotional events. Bighelp appreciates Susritha Kopparapu for devoting time, energy and for making the event(s) successful.

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Susritha Kopparapu has raised funds during our 10th annual fundraiser “Pongal & Republic Day Celebrations 2013” organized at Canton High School, Canton, MA on Jan 5th 2013. The $450 rose by Susritha by selling hand-made bookmarks, earrings and pendants will be utilized to sponsor the education of an underprivileged child in India for 3 years. Bighelp appreciate Susritha for devoting time and energy and making this fundraising event a success.

Susritha has requested a table at our upcoming event in Jan 2014 to volunteer and raise funds for Bighelp. She informed our President Mr. Chand Pasha Shaik that she has already started preparing for it.

Susritha Kopparapu has raised funds at Bighelp 11th annual event on Jan 10th, 2014 by selling crafts made by her. 11-Jan-2014
Bighelp received the following email from Susritha on Nov 7th 2014:

Hi Bighelp,
I am organizing a Fundraiser dance on December 5th, Friday from 7-10 PM with Live DJ and I will be giving the proceeds to Bighelp. Kids age 12-22 can come, have fun, and dance on the dance floor. For more details about the event please take a look at the attached flier. If it possible please help us spread the word. We would appreciate it, if you could forward this e-mail to anyone you know who might be interested.

Contact for Tickets:
Susritha Kopparapu
Bighelp received the following email from Susritha on 10-Dec-2014:

Hello Bighelp, the event was very successful . I was able to raise $850 in donations, ticket sales, and advertisement sponsorships. The DJ was very generous and charged us nothing for the event. NESSP was just as generous in letting us use Unit # 3 for no charge. I have been collecting money by selling few of my crafts over this year and raised around $150. So, total of $1,000 will be given to you on the event day which would be helpful for less fortune kids.


Volunteered at the following Events:            
Event Name Event Date
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2016 - Boston - 2016ma09-Jan-2016
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2014 - Boston - 201411-Jan-2014
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2013 - Boston - 201305-Jan-2013

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