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Haseef Pasha Shaik

Haseef Pasha Shaik volunteered at Bighelp and worked with other volunteers to organize fundraisers and promotional events. Bighelp appreciates Haseef Pasha Shaik for devoting time, energy and for making the event(s) successful.

Info Date
Haseef Shaik has received 'Raising Star Award 2010' for raising funds for Bighelp through his own initiatives during the year 2010. This 13 year old boy has sacrificed his birthday gifts and asked all his guests to make donation to Bighelp in lieu of presenting him gifts. The amount raised by Haseef has been used to sponsor the education of a student with visually impaired (blind) to study her Bachelor of Education (BEd) program. Bighelp has recognized Haseef with ‘Raising Star Award’ and presented him a plaque and certificate during their 8th annual fundraiser on Jan 8th, 2011 at Canton High School, Canton, MA. 08-Jan-2011
Haseef Shaik has volunteered as a YouthHelp member and helped us to organize our 10th annual fundraiser "Pongal & Republic Day Celebrations 2013" at Canton High School, Canton, MA on Jan 5th 2013. Bighelp appreciate Haseef for devoting time and energy and making this fundraising event a success. 05-Jan-2013

Volunteered at the following Events:            
Event Name Event Date
Pongal and Republic Day Celebrations 2019 - 2019ma12-Jan-2019
Bighelp Family 5K Run/Walk 2018 -fivekrun201822-Sep-2018
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2016 - Boston - 2016ma09-Jan-2016
BARC 2015 (Boston Area Regional Contests 2015) - barc1512-Dec-2015
Bighelp New Hampshire S.T.E.A.M event 2015 - 2015nh20-Jun-2015
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2015 - Boston - 201510-Jan-2015
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2014 - Boston - 201411-Jan-2014
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2013 - Boston - 201305-Jan-2013
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2012 - Boston - 201207-Jan-2012
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2012 - Boston - 201207-Jan-2012
Pongal - Republic Day Celebrations 2011 - Boston - 201108-Jan-2011

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