Project Details

Sponsor A Child - Pillalamarry, Year 2020 - 21

Pillalamarry, Suryapet District, Telangana
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C2690 Dhanalaxmi Jakkali Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2608 Harthika Cherukupalli Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2607 Jashwanth Pulipalpula Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2244 Manisha Chintha Pillalamarry Suryapeta
C2686 Niharika Kamishetty Pillalamarry Suryapet
C1932 Pavan Kalyan Cherukupally Pillamarri Nalgonda
C2691 Ram Charan Mamilla Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2890 Rupa Battu Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2897 Sirivalli Tutipalli Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2789 Siva Kumar Pottepaka Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2068 Srilatha Surarapu Pillalamarri Nalgonda
C2687 Srivalli Jerripothula Pillalamarry Suryapet
C2229 Uma Sunkari Pillamarri Suryapet
C1931 Venkata Sai Mattipally Pillamarri Nalgonda
C2689 Venkateswarlu Ankam Pillalamarry Suryapet
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Nagayya Nama Project Director    9908294341
Srinivasa Goud Seshagani Project Commitee Chairman 9704710369   
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