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Sponsor A Child - Maddikera, Year 2016 - 17

Maddikera, Kurnool District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C1401 Ashok Kumar Gorantla Maddikera Kurnool
C1404 Mallikarjuna Pilliguntla Maddikera Kurnool
C1405 Rakesh Kumar Barika Maddikera Kurnool
C1399 Ranga Swamy Pichhi Guntla Maddikera Kurnool
C1407 Sai Krishna Pujari Maddikera Kurnool
C1406 Sai Kumar Kaveti Maddikera Kurnool
C1948 Saikumar Donipigari Maddikera Kurnool
C1946 Veeresh Besta Maddikera Kurnool
C1400 Veeresh Chakali Maddikera Kurnool
C1947 Venkatesh Uppara Maddikera Kurnool
C1403 Vinay Kumar Kuddula Maddikera Kurnool
C1402 Vishnu Donipigari Maddikera Kurnool
Project Commitee Members
Name Designation Email Phone Number
Kesavanth Dittakavi Project Director    9297402745
Kambaiah Maddiga Project Commitee Chairman    9490211962
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