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Provided Infrastructure to NMC High School at Maddelapalem

Maddelapalem, Visakhapatnam District, AP
Bighelp donated 45 benches with desks for students, Sports Material and 20 chairs for staff of Nehru Municipal Corporation High School Maddelapalem, Visakhapatnam district.

Bighelp has received request from Smt. Prabhavathi In-charge Head Mistress of the school for provision of seating arrangement in class rooms for students and staff. She has more requests for sports material, change of Municipal water tap point that is existing very adjacent to the toilets making the drinking water contaminated.

Bighelp has accepted the request and is providing benches for students to sit and write comfortably. Bighelp believes that Children can be physically fit through games and sports which also foster team spirit and leadership qualities. School children should get good and safe drinking water. Hence Bighelp came forward to provide 45 benches, 20 chairs, pipeline reconstruction and sports material to this school.

Project Geographic Information
Maddelapalem is a village in Visakha Urban mandal, Visakhapatnam district in A.P. It is connected with both road and rail transport. Maddelapalem village is 10 KMS away from Visakhapatnam city.

School Information
This school was established in 1960 under Nehru Nagar Municipal Corporation and now it has merged with GVMC. At present the school is having good building 15 class rooms and 18 regular teachers. The strength of the school is 750. Each class is divided in to 3 sections with an ideal strength of 40-45.Only 10th class students are provided benches in 3 rooms by a local social organization. Large play ground with compound wall is part of the infrastructure.

Project Survey Information
Sri .Jagannadha Rao Kandula approached Bighelp by sending email. Thereafter Mr. S.Seshagiri Rao Executive member of bighelp personally visited the school and felt the request genuine and would benefit the students of the school. Hence Bighelp has come forward in taking up the project.

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Emily Stropp USA 1%
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Ramaprasad Bindigana USA 3%
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Shawna Wagner USA 1%
Tazeen and Mirza Beg USA 3%
Dr. Sachi Voruganti Canada 5%
Anthony J Tutino USA 3%
Venkatesam Miriyapalli USA 2%
Banani R Karmaker USA 2%
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Neil and Jill Darling USA 1%
Vanaja Ramarao Bandaru USA 3%
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Vishnu and Sailaja Sishtla USA 1%
Ravi Shankar USA 1%
Chandra & Madhavi Kamma USA 5%
Venu and Jyothi Myneni USA 3%
Prasad & Padma Anem USA 1%
Merck Partnership For Giving USA 21%
Belaben Patel USA 1%
Rayapudi Family Foundation USA 4%
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