Project Details

Provided Construction Material to SRDWT

Thiruthuraipoondi, Thiruvarur District, TN
Bighelp provided construction material to complete the balance work of a room at Sri Raghavendra Disabled Welfare Trust based at Thiruthuraipoondi, Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. SRDWT is a registered voluntary service organization and working for the educational and health support of the physically challenged/disabled people in and around the Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu.

Due to raise in the cost of construction and the shortage of funding they are unable to complete the construction work. SRDWT approached Bighelp to help the uncompleted construction of a room through AIMS India Foundation. Bighelp came forward to help in kind i.e. providing mixture sand, cement bags, wood work, electricity connection, labor wages and bricks to complete the project. SRDWT has been implementing various welfare activities for the physically challenged children and women in Thiruvarur district for the past several years.

Project Geographic Information
Sri Raghavendra Disabled Welfare Trust is organizing its activities from 36/8, Ariyalur Road, Meenatchi Vaikkal, Thiruthuraipoondi, Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. Thiruthuraipoondi is 520 Kilometers away from Chennai the state capital. It has both mode of transports i.e. road and rail.

School Information
SRDWT established in 2009. The school is having strength of 30 students. 3 permanent teachers and 2 vidya volunteers are working in the school. The school mainly catering the educational needs for physically challenged women and children. It is having co-education.

Project Survey Information
Members of AIMS India Foundation approached Mr. Adithya Buddhavarapu Program coordinator of Bighelp to help SRDWT in Tamilnadu. After discussions with AIMS India Foundation and SRDWT Mr. Adithya suggested Sri. Chand Pasha Shaik Chairman Bighelp to help SRDWT. Both pleased with the appeal made by SRDWT and came forward to help them.

Donors sponsored this project
Donor Name Country Percentage
The Millipore Foundation USA 12%
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation USA 44%
The Joby Foundation Inc USA 29%
Citizens Charitable Foundation USA 15%
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