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Sponsor A Child - Vadluru, Year 2008 - 09

Vadluru, West Godavari District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C0384 Annapurna Abothula Vadluru West Godavari
C0383 Anusha Penuganti Vadluru West Godavari
C0194 Durga Jakkamsetti Satyawada West Godavari
C0386 Durga Prasad Veera Pasalapudi West Godavari
C0431 Karunakara Raju Mudunuri Vadluru West Godavari
C0264 Nagaraju Manikireddy Tetali West Godavari
C0195 Neelima Terlapu Satyawada West Godavari
C0433 Sai Deepika Indukuri Satyawada West Godavari
C0385 Saiprasanna Olipilli Vadluru West Godavari
C0199 Satish Pampana Tetali West Godavari
C0382 Satyavathi Kavalipurapu Tetali West Godavari
C0265 Shamili Donga Tetali West Godavari
C0434 Suresh Babu Daram Tetali West Godavari
C0432 Vanitha Edupuganti Pasalapudi West Godavari
C0266 Vasundara Devi Sripada Tetali West Godavari
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