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Sponsored Trophies and Certificates in Pongal-RD - 2007

Walpole, Norfolk District, MA
Rajan International, Inc ( has sponsored Trophies and Certificates for the contest winners for Spelling Contest, Art Contest, Coloring Contest & Rangoli Contest organized in Pongal-Republic Day Celebrations - 2007, organized on Feb 3rd 2007, at Walpole High School, Walpole, MA
Bighelp Pongal-Republic Day - 2007 Celebrations were celebrated on February 3, 2007. This annual fund raiser of the Bighelp organization was attended by over 420 people and raised USD 6500 as donations. This event celebrated not only the festive occasions, but also showcased the talent among both children and adults by conducting a number of contests and by providing them an opportunity to exhibit their talents through on stage cultural programs.

The event lasted for nearly 6 hours, starting off with the Spelling Bee which was conducted at 3 levels for Grades 1-6, Coloring contest for kids ages 3-6, Art contest for all kids, and Rangoli contest for the adults. The cultural programs that followed the contests were numerous yet varied. There were traditional classical dances, dances to the movie songs, patriotic songs sung by groups of children, and a play-let with a message. Audience enjoyed the soulful dances and the melodious songs alike.

Total 43 children participated in Spelling Bee contest, 36 children in Coloring contest, 24 children in Art, and 11 ladies in Rangoli contest. The contest winners were all awarded certificates and trophies by the honorary guests of the event Mr. Mohan Nannapaneni & Mr. Krishna Yalamanchili.

Bighelp thanks Rajan International, Inc. for sponsoring Trophies & Certificates.

Photos and additional information for Bighelp Pongal-Republic Day - 2007 Celebrations can be found at;=

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