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Sponsor A Child - Rudravelly, Year 2006 -2007

Rudravelly, Nalgonda District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C0142 Akheel Shaik Alinayer Nalgonda
C0173 Anusha Bokka Peddagudem Nalgonda
C0170 Bhanuchandrika Mutapuram Juloor Nalgonda
C0065 Bhargavi Gangaraju Juloor Nalgonda
C0172 Kondal Addla Kaparai Palli Nalgonda
C0064 Madhavi Kandathi Juloor Nalgonda
C0071 Nasreem Mahammad Juloor Nalgonda
C0169 Navanitha Chintakindi Juloor Nalgonda
C0171 Sai Kumar Singaram Juloor Nalgonda
C0070 Shilpa Kandati Juloor (po) Nalgonda
C0175 Shilpa Sriram Peddagudem Nalgonda
C0068 Shiva Rani Donta Juloor Nalgonda
C0069 Soujanya Jalla Juloor (po) Nalgonda
C0143 Sumalatha Yakari Juloor Nalgonda
C0174 Swapna Saggu Peddagudem Nalgonda
Project visit by Managing Trustee and AED Dt:09-Apr-2007
Managing Trustee Mrs.M.Sarojini and Assistant Executive Director (Admin) Mr.Seshagiri Rao had been to Rudravelli Project on 9th April, 2007 and held discussions with Project Director (PD), Head Master Juloor school and few other local members. Interviewed each sponsoring student independently. Students have expressed satisfaction about receiving Rs.250 worth of material regularly every month from the Project Committee.

Project Committee has been expanded in this project by enrolling three new members namely Mr.Ch.Venkatesam, Mr. Suresh and Ms. K.Navanitha. All these three members hail from Juloor village and Ms. K.Navanitha is working as a Vidya Volunteer Teacher in the same school. They were contacted personally and they have accepted and came forward to act as Project Committee members as detailed below:

Ch. Venkatesam as Project Auditor
K.Navanitha and Suresh are as members.

All of them were explained with Bighelp procedures and principles.
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