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Sponsor A Child - Chodavaram, Year 2006 -2007

Chodavaram, Visakhapatnam District, AP
Following is the List of Children Sponsored in this Project :
ID Name Village District
C0166 Dhana Lakshmi Mummina Lakshmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0130 Jyothi Swaroopa Kaparapu Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C0073 Kasi Nunabarthi Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
C0092 Koteswararao Panduri Lakshmipuram Village Visakhapatnam
C0091 Krishna Dharmisetti Mycherlapalem Village Visakhapatnam
C0059 Nageshwara Rao Thumpala Lakshmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0093 Nageswara Rao Mahadevu Lakshmipuram Village Visakhapatnam
C0074 Narayanarao Sirisolla Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0039 Nukamma Mycherla Mycherlapalem Visakhapatnam
C0095 Ramu Tarra Lakshmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0238 Satish Uta Mycherla Palem Visakhapatnam
C0237 Satyanarayana Palisetty Damuna palli Visakhapatnam
C0072 Shiva Baggu Mycherla Palem Visakhapatnam
C0165 Sowjanya Gollavelli Lakshmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0042 Srinivasa Rao Koruvada Mycherlapalem Visakhapatnam
C0058 Suri Eswara Rao Vepada Lakshmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0128 Trinethra Sirisolla Lakshmi Puram Visakhapatnam
C0075 Varahala Naidu Naramsetti Damuna Palli Visakhapatnam
C0076 Varahala Raju Karri Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0239 Venkata Laxmi Mummina Laxmipuram Visakhapatnam
C0034 Venkata Ramana Sirusupalli Vintipalem Visakhapatnam
C0127 Vijay Dharmisetti Mycherlapalem Visakhapatnam
C0129 Yesu Vijaya Upparapalli Chodavaram Visakhapatnam
Comments from Ch.V.Sastry,Sr.Professor (Retd.), Bangalore Dt:09-Apr-2007
Sr.Professor (Retd.)
Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Bangalore 560034

Dear Mr.Shaik Chand Pasha:

I got to know about the "Bighelp" organisation when I visited my home town Chodavaram,Vizag Dist.,A.P recently.I am very impressed by the very noble service of your organisation . Mr.V.V.Seshagiri Rao, teacher in the local primary school and in charge of some students who get help from the BigHelp tod me about the program there. I would like to participate in the program of sponsoring a child...

I am a permanent resident of USA and spend major part of the year with my children there.I am now at Bangalore and will come to New Jersey where my eldest son and his family live on June 1. I will try to meet you at that time.

Best Regards,
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