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Suyasha Athuluri

Suyasha Athuluri sponsored the education of underprivileged children in India who are at a risk of discontinuing studies due to very impoverished circumstances. Bighelp thank Suyasha Athuluri for generously sponsoring the education and making a positive difference in the lives of the needy children.

Sponsoring Children :(please click on the child name for more details.)
ID Name Sponsorship
Begin Date
End Date
C2000Srilatha Amula
    Lingampet, Mahaboobnagar
01-Jun-2018 Still Sponsoring
C1991Usha Guguloth
    Vandanam, Khammam
01-Jun-2018 Still Sponsoring
Info Date
Suyasha Athuluri has raised funds for Bighelp by selling her art work during the summer 2018 to support the underprivileged children through Bighelp. This amount has been allocated to sponsor the education of 2 children for one year. 18-Nov-2018

Suyasha Athuluri participated and won the following prizes in Bighelp contest(s).

Winning Contests:      

Event Name Contest Date Contest Name Level Name Winning Position
BARC 2017 (Boston Area Regional Contests 2017) - barc1709-Dec-2017Math BeeLevel 61st Place
BARC 2017 (Boston Area Regional Contests 2017) - barc1709-Dec-2017Science BeeLevel 6Special Appreciation
Boston Area Regional Contests 2018 (BARC 2018) - barc1808-Dec-2018Math BeeLevel 6centerlevel 2nd Place
Boston Area Regional Contests 2018 (BARC 2018) - barc1808-Dec-2018Science BeeLevel 6centerlevel 1st Place

Persons Connected:          
Sreenivas & Kalyani Athuluri (D1894)
Kalyani Gampa (D2130)

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