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Mohan Gollakoti

Mohan Gollakoti sponsored the education of a underprivileged child in India who is at a risk of discontinuing studies due to very impoverished circumstances. Bighelp thank Mohan Gollakoti for generously sponsoring the education and making a positive difference in the life of a needy child.

Mohan Gollakoti made a contribution to promoting literacy projects in India and helping schools become interesting places to learn. Thanks to Mohan Gollakoti for the compassion and support in ensuring the education that the children receive is effective.

Projects Supported :
Project ID Project Name Project Type
p0443Sports Meet - Chinnapuram - Year 2015Talent Search
Sponsoring Children :(please click on the child name for more details.)
ID Name Sponsorship
Begin Date
End Date
C1163Deekshitha Pandla
    Vijayapuri South, Guntur
01-Apr-2016 31-May-2016

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Orlando 4th annual event 2016