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Jayaram & Kiranmai Chaturvedula
Chelmsford ,MA,USA

Jayaram & Kiranmai Chaturvedula sponsored the education of a underprivileged child in India who is at a risk of discontinuing studies due to very impoverished circumstances. Bighelp thank Jayaram & Kiranmai Chaturvedula for generously sponsoring the education and making a positive difference in the life of a needy child.

Jayaram & Kiranmai Chaturvedula made a contribution to promoting literacy projects in India and helping schools become interesting places to learn. Thanks to Jayaram & Kiranmai Chaturvedula for the compassion and support in ensuring the education that the children receive is effective.

Projects Supported :
Project ID Project Name Project Type
P0086Bighelp Talent Test 2008 - 2009Talent Search
p0848Youth Internship by Shreyas Sai Chaturvedula - Summer 2019Youth Internship
Sponsoring Children :(please click on the child name for more details.)
ID Name Sponsorship
Begin Date
End Date
C0267Bhavani Turaka
    Macherla, Guntur
01-Jan-2012 31-Mar-2012

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